Parts of a Comic I'll never finish!

Work, studies and my laziness are to blame.

Kudos to people who manage to complete and even continue comic series, its a fucking hard thing to do.

Dude, at least you’re better than me, even there’s no dialogue between the characters

You should finish it.

And I know this is untastefull but, where did you get that combine with the white helmet?
Came here with alot of other different skins of the metrocop.

English is not my main language and dialogue was one of the many reasons(excuses lol) why I couldn’t be arsed to continue this :stuck_out_tongue: but we all start somewhere, my first attempts at poses and comics were horrifying and even now that I have almost 4 years on Gmod I still fuck up big sometimes :downs: Just keep practicing and you will see how much you improve.

Maybe some day i’ll continue this.