Parts of my model go invisible?

Hey there. Im trying to import a weed plant model for a client and theres this shitty bug thats been annoying me.

Heres the model viewed from the front:

Here it is view from down below:

Heres the view in my 3D editor:

My “leafs” consist of planes which ive projected an image with alpha channels onto. Am I doing something wrong here with my planes? Ive tested if it was the material and even with alphatest turned off its still doing it.

The problem is that the planes only have one side to them. The easiest solution I’ve found is to duplicate the planes and reverse the vertex order on the duplicates. This will basically provide another side to the other planes that you already have and should remedy the missing faces for each plane.

Ah thats fixed it man, thanks!

I think Source has a fix for this, called nocull.

It doesn’t require any changes to your model, so no addition of more polys.
All you need to do is add a line to your .vmt.

While $nocull could be used, it’s not exactly ideal for using if you’re working with a scenebuild and make use of low angles since it still allows light to bleed through to the other side. It would look a bit weird if you were trying to get a screenshot of it from below that was meant to have shadows when the lighting just bleeds right through the leaves, don’t you think?