Party Boy Swep

Can anyone make a swep that does that party boy dance with the music?
When you hold down the left mouse button it starts the song and after like 20 seconds it starts to dance.
The dance would just be the arms in the air going back and forth and the legs moving.
You would have to look on youtube to know what I mean if you don’t know.
It would be in third person so everyone could see you dance.

If this is possible, it would be cool.
If there is something like this then could you tell me?

I think it would require custom animations, and thats a lot of work, not to mention coding all of that into a single weapon (the 3rd person, the animation, and the song)

I requested a Dance animation a while back, but I think in gmod, the party boy would be relatively stupid, since it’s been overused in real life, so this would just be using it more.

I just wanted to have some fun with it. A lot of people I know don’t know what Party Boy is and I tell them have you seen Jackass and they said no.

great story.

ugh i hate party boy… ppl jumping and pushing at you… i hate it… please just dont make it :3

Ya don’t worry, no one will make this.

hehe, it would be like a rick roll swep,
only a younger generation would get it

I would love to see this come to the market :slight_smile:

If i could animate, I may do a “Synchronized Dance” SWEP, where all players and NPCs would do a jig, and not attack anything. But, i can’t animate, so, dreams will be dreams…


It was developed by a bunch of people who run around tying their testicles to random objects, and jumping off various precarious heights. Don’t expect it to be good.