Party Crasher

The best scene in the recent movie Punisher Warzone.
It’s also leads to a ridicilously stupid shoot-out scene.
Might be some minor issues but it’s not a big deal.

Haven’t seen the second film, so I can’t comment from that point, but good pic nevertheless.
Is that Agent 47 on the end, lol?

No lol, it’s the Don.
-Agent 47 doesn’t have hair.
-Agent 47 isn’t bound ito a wheelchair.

.jpg .jpg. .JPG
don’t use .jpg especially when there’s red colors.
jpg doesn’t love red colors.

So do I.
Just makes it look plain stupid in this picture in my opinion and that Model is just lolworthy. I mean he doesnt look badass or scary. Hes just another dumbass with a gun. What makes him special. I mean look at his face.

Well, you’re a one jolly asshole.

That’s like a spit to my face after wasting hours on this.

Ouch. The red. Ouch. The jpeg compression.

Learn to take critism dude.
He isnt scary or badass. He just another guy with a gun.

Learn to give criticism. You just bashed him about the model (which isn’t really that bad) and that he has a gun, you didn’t criticize anything else about the pic.

I personally like the pic. The lighting and posing is cool and I like the editing on the flare (shame about the jpg compression though)

I said that the red lighting ruins it and the model isnt very fitting.
What can I say else?

You can say why.

I honestly don’t see your problem with the pic. The model is fitting because it’s a Punisher pose and the model isn’t too terrible, and the red light looks really nice apart from the compression.

His face lets him look like a wimp in a big suit in my opinion.
And he´s just standing there like:“Omg look how cool I am”. Not really my toughts off being cool and badass.

I like it. Good posing, nice scene sett. I love that scene in the movie.
Nice editing on the flare btw.

The red lighting is there because it’s a fucking torch.

Model isn’t fitting?
It’s a fucking scene of the movie Punisher: Warzone
And that’s the Punisher.

You must be living under a rock if you don’t know who “Punisher” is.

Too bad.

That scene.

The picture I made is a split second of the beginning of the part where kills every single person in that table.
Why did I decide to do the torch part instead of the killing… Well, why not?

Nice recreation. The facial expression is fitting too, I don’t understand Combine’s big problem with it.

I think he means the bold guy at the back.

so does that make his enemies…Castle crashers?
Frank Castle

Yeah, I can’t see any hair on him.
I reckon 47 is up to his ol’ dirty tricks.