Party crashers

When I first saw a video for Rust I thought that it looked like one of the best ideas in games for a long long time, after downloading it and playing it for a day I was captivated.

It seemed like the perfect game and in such early development had so much more to offer.

Then it happened, along came some party crashers, flying around, running like the flash, at first it was easy to ignore them then over a week more and more arrived.

Now I log into an incredible game which is just so sadly pointless to play because of all the hacking.

I read that this is being dealt with and I really do hope so because how many people are going to stick around otherwise?

Please don’t let hackers ruin your awesome game, I and so many other genuine players want to play it and we just can’t.

Aside from reporting them I’m totally up for helping in any way to get hackers banned for ever.

Yours in disappointment

A gutted gamer

Just try to find a server with active admins, this will lower the amount of cheaters and you can enjoy the game :dance:

Stay away from the official servers and find a server with active admin. It might take a while, but you will find one eventually :slight_smile:

Find a better server sir, Active admins are the way to go.

just server hop til you find a community you can work with. over 3000 servers there is one out there you will like