Party invite & Map view

I really like to be able to add my friends so I always can see there name over there head… and would be nice if you can invite people to a party then have a Icon over the head or something…
Be able to see the map would be helpful, Or a compas, X/Y position markers.

One of the devs has stated that they are not planning on adding any kind of name tags / group support.

And that’s the reason for some people not coming because gathering with there clan mates its impossible.

This game should not be made into a group playable game. It needs to be unorganized as hell running around with buddies. If not, groups /raids of alot of people would ruin the game.

Its been seen before, and people can easily manage to organize anyway.

Their needs to be an option to customize different colors and patterns on clothing. That would be one of the only ways for a person to be capable of distinguishing a friend from an enemy without using some type of invasive method like having an indicator showing where a friend/teammate is at all times even if they are not in vision range.

In real life, this is how it works. You join a group, and you wear the groups agreed upon clothing or armor. If you are in the battlefield, and you see a person with the same clothing as you, guess what, your probably not going to shoot him lol. Same concept needs to be figured out and put into play here.

I’m sure it will probably take a lot of work and effort, but it’s one of the things that will really separate this game from every other in it’s genre.

The issue that is obvious though is when you die your supposed to lose your clothing and armor. So maybe, you can have some sort of pre-set option of how you want it to look and once you actually pick up the armor and put it on, the “skin” will apply automatically based on that preset.

It really doesn’t have to be difficult at all. it can be as simple as copying the clothes and changing the colour on part of it. When you make the clothing yourself you can choose the colour. loot clothing is whatever the player set it to or the standard colour for non-player pickups.

I agree with Feinter.
Make it easier for the 20 man group to exist then you’ve essentially killed the game.
So I think grouping/skins/etc would be a bad idea at this point in the game.
Maybe later on when its nearing complete

Its an ZOMBIE SURVIVAL game. I certainly HOPE they will never add those kind of options

lets all wear hoodies and walk around saying we in da hood.

It’s not a zombie survival game. :suicide:

Looting a dead groupmember’s clothes and passing as him (in a group big enough for some people to forget what a member’s name is, or that they don’t have vent and can’t talk in mic etc) to steal their loot or make a backdoor for a bunch of lone scavengers to group up and assault the group’s HQ from sounds like a fun time