Passanger mod V2

Hey guys, does anyone have Passenger mod v2?
I’m currently using 1.0 which just doesn’t work ( and cant seem to find 2.0.
Thanks for helping :stuck_out_tongue:

Think i have a copy on my pc will post it here when i get on tomorrow if no one has done i

Passenger Mod is just a rip of VCMod, a paid addon, so pretty much anyone who uses it and the guy who uploaded it are in legal trouble.
I uploaded the one i have hope it works :slight_smile:

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Also if you want here is a zip version

I got VCMod, but it doesn’t offer the whole eject function.

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Thanks!!! :smiley:

eject function as in what? you can use alt+numbers to kick out people

Passenger mod had some ui to do it I believe.