Passenger airplane

Hi, i’m trying to make a little machinima movie and i need a realistic passenger airplane model, like Boeing 737.
Ref. photo:
I couldn’t find anything like what i need on, only silly contraptions or broken planes like in L4D, and on this forum search currently doesn’t work.

There’s a couple in here, but the landing gear’s down.

Thanks, should help me very much, I’m downloading now and i’ll try it and see how it is. There are some other models in that pack that would help me with machinima.

The landing gear shouldn’t be a problem, it’s actually better, and if i film it in the air i’ll find a camera angle so it doesn’t show ;).

Hi again, the plane is perfect, but i’m having a little problem with a custom texture. I edited the “cj_us_logocj_us_logo_a” texture to “TransAtlantic 801” instead of “flyUS”, and ingame it shows a white contour of “flyUS” and my custom text inside the contour… What else do i need to edit? Maybe the VMT? Sorry, but it’s the first time i change the texture more substantially, until now i just changed the colour of character’s clothes, added a beard etc, and it worked good, but now…
Any help is welcome. Thanks.

LE: Nevermind, i figured it out. Thanks for the help, i was getting tired to search for plane models. A moderator can mark request as solved or something :D.