Passenger mod for tdmcars

Hello guys,

I added several tdmcars on my server but I don’t manage to find a mod who can grow the number of seats of the tdmcars

I have tried VU-MOD with the passenger.lua but doesn’t work at all.

Do you know how can I make my vehicles drivable with passengers next to the driver ?


Here you go:

No still doesnt work

When someone is in a car i cannot sit next him, I can only when there is nobody in it, and when i do i am the driver …

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Peraphs because of my cars are spawning by a npc ?

Yep i got the same problem :frowning: only works if you spawn it yourself

Maybe you should look into the spawning code in the mod and replicate it on your server?

The passenger mod does work, but some cars don’t have the VC_ExtraSeats written in the autorun file.
Also some right hand drive cars have the passenger seat positioned where the drivers is which causes problems.

How can I add extra seats … ?

For example here we have a car where it seems that the author has explained how to add a seat by the several comments in** bold** :

Any ideas ??

Someone can help me with the code above to add extra seats ?

Still no ideas ?