Passenger Mod

Guys. Well basically i tryed to find the passenger mod after owner of it deleted it from workshop and i couldnt find it.So yeah do you guys have it mirrored or do you guys have any alternative that i can use? Thank you for reading! :smiley:

The creator of “Passenger Mod” was illegally using data from VcMOD.
I pointed out to freemmaann how “Passenger Mod” had alot of the same features of VcMOD.
Passenger Mod was going from a simple addon that allowed vehicles to have passengers, to a free
version of VcMOD. The creator of “Passenger Mod” was not going to remove it, but it was removed by
steam due to Legal reasons. Therefore, you either need to buy VcMOD from ScriptFodder or make your
own script.

Incoming hate messages from severs that used Passenger Mod… lel