Passenger Seat STool

What does this Stool do?
The Passenger Seat Stool allows you to create and attach passenger seats to vehicles with the class prop_vehicle_jeep or prop_vehicle_airboat. Most custom cares will use prop_vehicle_jeep.
To assist you with the positioning and rotation, there is a ghosted model of what your seat will look like and be placed. This Stool may be useful for most servers such as roleplay or simply build.


  • Allows you to set a seat model.
  • Allows you to set the color with alpha.
  • Ghosted seat for assistance.


Downloads -

This is my first add-on and I would like to see feedback :slight_smile:

Cool. Makes things a lot simpler. I always hated having to half ass glue a seat onto the vehicle.

Useful :slight_smile:

Nice Man, Now If Only Npcs Could Use Them…

If you can manage to get an NPC into a vehicle :stuck_out_tongue: