passing the source limit?

so is there a way to make it unlimmited or not “capped”

i hurd there was a dll that does


Entity limit?

Source limit on what?

Try this

I tryed it on a server before, server stayed up longer but clients crashed out.

Is OP trolling or do you mean the max velocity limit?

He probbably means every limit in the engine, which would be a few .dll’s :v:

I think he means some unknown limit he didnt mention, he will need to tell which limit as its pretty many, for the stringtables use what Shepsie said

prop limit and particle limit mainly

i know my cpu can handle more then the game

I’m pretty sure everyone’s cpu can handle more then the game…and if the game can’t handle it…guess what happens.


Even if you could By-pass the source limits your game would crash everytime…hence the reason for source LIMITS for a source game


Limits are no fun.

Someone needs to bring back the -numedicts var in the Source engine!

It is possible with some tweaking, but it would never be unliminated and take up more memory than the server can handle most probbably

If numedicts could be upped to 8192, I could finish that minecraft gamemode.