Password & Email Change

Anyone knows when its gonna be possible to change email or password?

Nope, nobody knows :slight_smile:

woops, wrong thing

There is already thread on this. It is waste of time, and resources to add this for an alpha. You should make your password something you will remember. You should not use the same password for anything else. You should not share your account with anyone. You should not use sketchy websites, and you should not download anything sketchy or illegal. Password change is only useful if you had not played a game in a a few months to a year. They should not stop development of the game, to add a feature so people can change their password, because they don’t want to share account anymore, or got hacked of their own fault.

too lond did not read

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you’re just mad you dont have a key

Stop shitposting because he is expandedly and further explaining the reason why people should write down their information and keep their accounts safe.

thats no use when you’re writing your password and you get a typo and you have tried atleast 400 times logging in with different passwords and you cant just find the damn typo…

Then type your password letter by letter next time and write it down.