Password reset already attempted - try again later.

I’ve forgotten my password, tried to reset it by clicking Forgot Password on the Sign In page, however I did not receive the e-mail.

Now when I try to do it again, I’m stuck with the error in the title.

Does anybody know how long it takes before I can reset my password again?

Make sure you check the “junk” folder, maybe the mail is in there :slight_smile:

Yeah, no. It just didn’t come.

Don’t buy accounts.

Did you buy a account off of reddit?

If so, You just wasted your money.

serves him right if he did

You people are dumb as fk.

Read the first post at least twice.

You’re asking for help and then flaming the people who could potentially help you.


You’re retarded too if you think shitposting can ever be helpful.

(User was banned for this post ("flaming" - postal))


You don’t have to be an jerk to the people WHO CAN POSSIBLY HELP YOU. Being an dick to people won’t get you any help at all on these forums.

Now then, Did you get this account from someone? Did you pick up a key? At least answer these two and we can help you.

What they’re saying is that you bought an account which turned out to be a scam, and trying to cover it up by saying you lost your password.


Learn to ignore people who don’t provide anything useful.

Now then, did you register before or after the strikes system was in place? If it was after, your password’s still in your email unless you deleted it. If you registered beforehand, well, I’ve got nothing for you.

I guess he got control of his account again, he was playing recently and combat logging like a bitch ;).

As if combat logging is a bad thing when you’re clearly outgunned/outnumbered and you have the ability to grab your shit/sleeping bag and leave. :v:

oh yea, this is the scammer guy from steam, he sold his account like 10 times-ish , no wonder you can’t get a reset password, karma bitch!

Since when is combat logging a bannable offense? Oh yeah, it’s not.

How about you stop spewing your dumb shit and actually answer the question in the first post?
I got into the alpha a couple of weeks ago, used a key, and no I didn’t delete the e-mail, I just didn’t receive it.

Not that kind of combat logging, the one where you’re being shot and just close your window before you can die. Idiot logged back in 3 minutes later and ate a bullet.

Wasn’t saying it was a bannable offense, was just notifying everyone to not feel bad for you.

Just stop shitposting, you can do whatever you want to as long as it is not a bannable offense.

OMG , this guy is such a asshole , dumb idiot .