Is it possible to change your password on rust?

I don’t have the game, i was just wondering, security reasons

Nope, you’re not able to change it right now, but most probably later on :slight_smile:

Well that’s kinda stupid, just saying:/

Sure is, but they’re focusing on other issues and things right now, this isn’t as important :slight_smile:

This, there is no need for them to focus on this. The only reasons you would need to change your password is if you are sharing account, or got hacked. You are only going to get hacked if you are downloading sketchy things on the internet, using sketchy sites, or sharing account. I would rather have them focus on the game, rather than small things like this. You should be able to remember your password, you shouldn’t be sharing your account, you shouldn’t be using the same passwords for other accounts and you should not be downloading from/visiting sketchy sites. All of those things are avoidable, so why should they stop working on making a better game to allow you to change your password?

Pick a password you’ll remember, make sure you type it in, and don’t give it to anybody. It isn’t that big of a deal. The game is in Alpha.

Exactly the games in Alpha, I don’t see the point of focusing on the smaller things of “Changing your password” when there are glitches for going through walls, and the all so famous character models.

No, i’m pretty sure, managing to make it so people can change their passwords, isn’t as hard as fixing bugs the game? Yes the games in Alpha, but this is just like common sense…