PATCH 12.28

Stop spamming about pach, it prolly fixed issues from Next Version list.

Yea, in this case I don’t think the patch is what was planned on the trello.

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At least not entirely…

There has been no activity on the trello since December 23rd, likely it is a quickfix for the DDoS problem, if anything. I haven’t gotten on yet today, so I am not sure, but that would be my best guess.

A better way to say it would be an “attempted quick-fix”
I’m not sure exactly what it changed, but I know the server refresh button is working again and I still cannot log into ALMOST any server lol.

I think they have beeing preper that for long time

Game is apparently working a bit. If you can deal with slight hiccups of lag every once in a while. Was able to get a quick loot run in before night time came then server went to crap again.

Yea, the DDoS is apparently only attacking servers with players. So presumably, if your server has been off or no one has been on all day then someone could log in and play. However, whenever the attack does another sweep of the server list it’ll pick up your server and get DDoS’ed. :confused: kinda shitty

Theoretically, if your server doesn’t show up on the list, would this prevent you from getting DDoS’d? I don’t know diddly dick about networking, but I was just wondering.

That’s what I gather from all this. My server was running all day but no one had logged in. When I got home it was working fine for like 15 minutes and then I got dc’ed and it’s been getting attacked ever since. Now I have my server off but I can still see bandwidth being used… if/when that bandwidth stays at 0, im going to launch the server and see if i can get in again.

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So, I noticed my servers bandwidth had been staying at 0 and booted up the server and I am able to log in. So presumably every server can be on for about an hour, then off for about an hour, then on, then off… I dunno exactly.

Not sure if the application performing the attack checks these values but if this is truly the case, then maybe facepunch can disable the player count as a temporary measure until the library issue can be fixed.

The people doing the attack may evolve to just hit all servers but then it will make it cost more to perform the DDOS attacks :wink:

EDIT: That is, if they are paying a third party for DDOS service.