Patch Released! Many gamemodes raped by garry.

OpenAura, PERP, OCRP
Gamemodes we know, and love.

All, fucked.

The lua permissions are fucked, …/models/ etc arent recognised. and respond with NO PERMS

resource.AddDir - Fucked.

Maybe its just you?

Tried 3 OA servers, fucked
2 PERP’s, fucked.

Just watch everyone go crazy about their precious RP and PERP servers go crazy and watch the threads fill up the forums and laugh.

Mhe a lot of stuff broke. Is it just me or is there also problems with for k, v in pairs?

On the bright side, we wont have anymore “my gmod wont start” threads now.

Yeh for k, v in pairs is broken from what I can tell.

Maybe you should go try something else than rp for once.

Wait, for k, v in pairs loops are broken?

Won’t this pretty much kill every script worth a damn in Gmod?

No need to be an asshole about it. RP isn’t the only gamemode broken.

Yup, all broken. Wiremod too, everything is broken.

Looks to me like nothing of value was lost.

oh boy

Wiremod works fine… except for the Expression 2 chip. That’s fucked.

I wonder if that was on purpose.

Yeah I just went on and was basicly spammed with lua errors which im usually not

The problem is caused by (dumb) people using \ in file paths. In windows, this constitutes root.

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Any developer who makes anything good won’t have made that mistake. Which is why all the RP gamemodes broke.

for k, v in pairs( file.Find("../materials/decals/flesh/blood*") ) do

i can tell :~)

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Same issue here.

Weird, my HL2RP server works just fine. I dunno if it is just me my version was edited quite a bit by me.

Got most of it fixed, a couple of lines in sh_auto.lua were fucked.

Same stuff on my servers. Fretta just can’t get list of maps from map folder, admin mod can’t read files from addons folder. And the paths is right (file.Find( “…/maps/*.bsp” ))