"Patch Sample Radius Clamped!"

What the hell does “Patch Sample Radius Clamped!” even mean? I’m getting this random error completely out of the blue now…


Does anybody have any clue what this means? It’s really getting on my nerves…

I believe it has something to do with displacement lighting. I haven’t seen it mess up anything though.

Well, my map is REALLY messed up now. I spawn, but it’s not a player because it moves slowly and doesn’t have weapons, and noclip doesn’t work.
Dang, what the hell am I supposed to do?

Patch sample radius clamped isn’t causing that. I get it on my maps all the time.

Damn, then what’s causing all the really messed up stuff? I don’t have any leaks, I know that right now.

I got that error. Went away almost as fast as it came up. I remember it being related to displacements.

Anything else in the compile log that could get us closer to fixing this error?

Meh… I kind of gave up on this. I was making my map and compiling it under HL2: DM, but then I switched the file to HL2: ep2. Lots of stuff was randomly going wrong right from the start, so I figured it was caused by the difference in .fgd’s. And I gave up on it. :downs:

I find this post innocently hilarious. I can see how a newcomer could see this as a problem, however…so I will not laugh at you (at least not through facepunch). The reason you move slowly and don’t have weapons is because when you compile a map in half life 2, it launches the game with just the weapons you have in the very beginning of half life 2…IE none. The reason you can’t sprint is because the HEV suit counts as an unlock-able weapon and therefore you don’t get one. To fix this, make sure sv_cheats is set to 1, then type “impulse 101” in the console. You should be able to run around and shoot things then. To get noclip working, type “bind v noclip” in console, then hit V to use it. I hope that helps.


This thread is from 2008, I’m pretty sure he already found the solution.