patch today?

When comes the patch today?

When its done. As always, just wait.

Good answer :slight_smile: lol

Yeah sorry, but what else to say? Last patch came somewhere between 6-7 pm GMT+1 when i remember correctly, that timeline is dead already for this one :P. You can keep updated at their twitter account but beside that…

i just hope it comes today… thats all

Yeah me too. Can’t wait to jump on it after a wipe and patch day to build up my colony again :slight_smile:

yeah m2 :slight_smile:

It’s mostly just optimization. Not a whole lot of new stuff… but I’m sure Reddit and Facepunch will explode with all the new “game breaking” bugs and entire continents of players will swear off playing Rust until the devs fix their game that they had to forgo feeding their families to buy.

Even if its “only” optimization - that would be worth it.
Yeah, prob. more people flaming the OP OP NERF OMG REKTocopter :D.

Looks what’s being worked on now:

I posted exactly that twitter account earlier here in this topic ;).
A huge load of work is posted there and i tend to miss the stuff that directly hits the gameplay :S

Hmhm, Autoturret - so i guess (no, i rather EXPECT it since months) electricity finally hitting the game soon?