W R U?

(User was banned for this post ("Terrible thread" - Craptasket))

No patch today, Rust is closing. It’s done and it’s your fault.

A friday patch would be great! :dance:

I’d be impressed if there was one today. Last one was only a few days ago.

Well, the last one was just a Little bugfixing-patch.

“A small Monday morning update for you guys, getting it out of the way in the hope of bigger things later on this week.”

On Trello they just put Item Durability on next version but I think they won’t release it today.

Shit post.

My server is updating to an “incompatible version”

.tsop tihs

Meaning that there is an update? They have only Repairs and Sky in…Well, ok.

Don’t think they add everything on Trello for public.

Hi guys, some1 can link what type of clien i need to download? :smiley:

You have to buy it on Steam…

What? this server was cracked one hour ago o.O

More impressing than Patch-cord Adams? I don’t think so…

Point of this thread is?

i heard from a admin on this server i play on that apprently the update is meant to be today.

That’d be sweet if it was!

(I went and spent all my ammo and building pieces last night, in this giant raid that lasted like 2 hrs)

Figured we’d get update + reset, so why horde all that stuff :smiley: