PatchProtect - Another Prop Protection

Hey guys,

here I want to present a new Prop Protection (by Ted894 and me (Patcher56))!

We thought we want a prop protection which does not have so much functions as FPP so we created our own. We started with a simple AntiSpam and now we released a complete Prop Protection!

On Workshop:

On Github:

From the Github-Readme:

PatchProtect is a Prop Protection for Garry’s Mod. The special thing, is, that this Prop Protection also includes an AntiSpam-Fuction to reduce lags cause of Spam-Noobs.

Note: There is a PropProtection implemented in this addon, but it is not fully completed at the moment. We have to code some more things to get it working correctly, but if you want to use it now, you can do it!

Usage of PatchProtect
You can control the Settings in the Q-Menu > Utilities. There, if you are an admin, you can change all variables and also what should happen, if someone is spamming.

Good Working Anti-Spam
Panel for Configuration
An Admin Message, which showes, that someone spams
Message, how long to wait till next prop/toolfiring
Set what should happen, if someone spams
Set, which Tools are added to the restriction and which not
Prop Protection, which can be enabled or disabled
In DEV: Cleanup Props from anyone or all Props and Shit

Upcoming Features
Prop Blacklist
Tool Blacklist
More Anti-Spam functions
Buddie’s for PropProtection function
Maybe CPPI implementation
Some more stuff, we don’t know at the moment …

If you want to see it in action join Averi Build Server now!

Thanks for reading guys :slight_smile:


Screenshots are coming tomorrow. Just fixed a small bug.

I reported two serious exploits and one (urgent) request on your issues page. Please fix the exploits ASAP, the prop protection is not safe to use otherwise.

We will fix that as soon as possible. Thank you :slight_smile: