Path amongst stones

Three mercenary musketeers embark on a journey through rugged landscape filled with peril.


Has anyone ever told you you make some the best scene builds ever?

Not feeling the fog this time, great composition though.

Wish the dudes were casting shadows though. The middle left one has a floating sensation to it.

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I just realized the mountain in mid top right is actually an elderly face. Neato!

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By the way, you know what you could do is bring out the light green. Through some photoshop trickery, if you can make the light green mold/leaves stand out, it looks very good with the gray color.

The second one is beautiful.

shit the second one is raaaad

I like the bonus more than main pic

You and me both, I was too busy to notice this fact until it was mentioned, apparently the model doesn’t have dynamic shadows at all.

Good idea, I’ll experiment with it.

That’s too bad, I don’t.