Path of a Warrior - Apocalyptic screenshot

**!!! THREAD MUSIC !!! **

I am doing a movie, and I tought this scene was awesome for a wallpaper, screenshot.
The soundtrack is from Battlefield 3.

I am kinda new to this stuff so please give me credit so I can be better!:v: Thank you…

And by the way, the house on the left is falling!

Actually that track is from C&C: Generals.

The lighting you used is… strange, the soldier is almost completely black while the background is really bright.

Can’t say much about the posing because I can’t see it properly (if that is a pose and not an NPC).

I agree with above and the composition just looks really weird.

It’s impossible to fix the soldier lightning, munless I’m a Photoshop freak wich I ain’t

The effects look really pasted on, mostly because they’re not blurred while the whole background is.

You calling us good editers freaks?


Yeah, you should have probably done that before taking the screenshot.

Oh, that’s definitely CnC Generals music. But, I think this is pretty good except what’s been mentioned.

Totally CnC Generals music, it makes me wonder how the hell you or someone even thought this is from BF3.

And the fact you’re claiming credit for it you evil evil person

C&C Generals music. Nice.