Path of Salvation 3: Caves


our mapper “Nasenohrring” (Works as a mapper for World of Crowbar), released a puzzle-like map some months ago. I first didn’t show the map to this forum, but now I will :stuck_out_tongue:

You are trapped in some caves and you try to escape. The map is meant to be played by more then one player.


  • Drivable boats
  • Many secrets and puzzles
  • Some scary script events
  • No muffins

What you need to play this map:

  • Half Life 2 - Episode 2
  • Day of Defeat: Source (Not that necessary, just two objects)
  • Counter-Strike: Source



Known Bugs:

  • You stand in the boat
  • If you press “Y” or any other chat key, the screen gets black. Just exit the boat.

I didn’t show Path of Salvation 2: Forgotten Canals and Path of Salvation 1: Screaming, because they are in german and you probably wouldn’t understand it.

Have fun!

This map look’s very nice. Going test now!

Yum, caves. We need more cave maps

Thankfully, I have Teta’s night vision mod…

Damn this map deserves more attention.

Its very well done, the scary scripts were executed perfectly in my opinion, the puzzles were fresh, and the cave design was awesome, one of the first I have seen in a custom map before.

Thank you for your feedback :slight_smile:

Yeah I know that this map is not very popular, but maybe it needs some more time.

Now that’s a little bit unfair, don’t you think? Even if those maps are in german, and some people might not understand them, they could still play the map and maybe enjoy them.

Also I believe there are some people on these forums who can speak german well enough to understand those maps.

So It would be kind of you to present us those two other maps anyways, since the third one looks very well done. So I guess the other two would also be of high quality and I’d like to see them.

Nope, the other two ones arent as good as part 3, because Nasenohrring wasnt such a good mapper there.

But if you want the links anyway, here you go:

And yes, these maps are still coop maps. So play them with your friends :smiley:

Ah thanks for sharing these. :smile:

Looks pretty slick!

Can i play this alone or do i have to play this with several players to complete?

You must play it with a friend.

You need at least 2 players to solve the puzzles, that’s why.

is there a gamemode for this or something? what stops people from noclipping or using downloaded guns? and what stuf are you suppose to start with?

“is there a gamemode for this or something?”

“what stops people from noclipping or using downloaded guns?”
Thats why you should deactivate noclip. Also you loose all your weapons at beginning.

"and what stuf are you suppose to start with? "
Just your flashlight…


I got to the end of the puzzle and found a ladder (looked like a css/dod one, couldn’t go up it) that wasn’t accesible and above it was just a black void, is that the end of the map??? I kind of wish that there was a outdoor part saying that you made it out.

Yeah, that’s the end of the map. Part 4 is coming out soon!

I for one, have a question! My friend and I were having a LOT of trouble with the ditch with the headcrabs in it. If you don’t want to spoil it for others, could you send me a PM telling me what we had to do? We just stacked a bunch of crap up and jumped across D:

Well, we know that this jump is really hard. Its bugged too, so you can use noclip if you wont make it. (Yeah, shame on us!)

Fantastic map, but the boat is glitchy as fuck and actually caused an engine error AND crash. I don’t think this should be the final version, as I also saw some holes in the displacements.