Path of the Borealis 10 other versions after the original

Anyone ever hear these other versions of our favorite HL2 theme song?

The playlist starts with 2 rock versions, 5 different remixes, the first original Path of Borealis remix, the original sad Suit Song extended by Kelly Bailey, that is not remixed, a covered piano version of the song by Strollen that is not so sad, and a completely different hardstyle song that only used the melody from Path of the Borealis, plus the lame South Park attempt to add lyrics to this song.

I made a playlist, but credits go to the other guys that made the music based on, covered off of, or remixed from the HL2 Suit Song. I just am trying to get these other attempts out there so you will either love some of this or hate some of this fan made stuff, but I have a feeling that more will attempt to cover this song in their own way. I don’t know if I am a true fan of all of this, but when I kept coming across these other version, I was just interested at the attempts.

Some of this other music you can download, when you can, they will have a link in the description.

I think this song is vastly overrated