Path setting/ Trails

“Prepared the terrain foundation for overlays (trails, snow, …) - @andererandre (/main)”
New Rust Update from Twitter. Seems like there will be a way to create user generated paths ontop of the terrain? Sounds amazing! Creating paths is cooler than having them already baked into a map!

It would be cool if players walking over the same areas frequently would actually degrade the grass and start to form a trail.

It’d be really awesome if you actually mushed the grass down a bit when you walk through it and left foot prints in dirt so other players could track you.

I’m pretty sure this is what they will do.

More trello info on Trails in the game:

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Yeaah! Wonder if its going to use a version of heat overlays when I also suggested this.

Asked garry on twitter and he said it’s planned :slight_smile:

I want to build a stone road with my hammer.

Holy balls when garry said Mr.André had a huge boner with map generation and AI he was not joking LOL. He’s on fire and we all apreciate <3.

Thanks andré.

Then proceed to play the waiting game… Muahahahahaahha!!!

So with the additions of Fishing rods, will there be rivers in the future? I think man made or procedural bridges and paths would be neat:

Fishing rods:

I have to admit, the first thing that came into me head was Gmod style trails. I yelled “NoOO” inside my head.

Then I thought about it… Real trails are good!