I made an NPC spawner using sent_spawner which works with OSE. But…

I made a keyvalue in the spawner

keyvalue: path
value: path_track1

I made an entity for path_track and named it to: path_track1

When I run the map, NPCs just stay there. Don’t move at all not going towards path. Any luck?

As far as I know only certain NPCs like the drop ship and gun ship follow path tracks because they’re the only ones that have actual options for it. But don’t flame me if I’m wrong, I haven’t been on Hammer in months.

Do you have nodes in your map?

What is sent_spawner?

How do I make nodes?
I used this tutorial:

The path_tracks do nothing, i mapped for OSE they had absolutely no effect that i could see at least so don’t waste your time with those. if u need any other direct help on the map for OSE Pm me because i will likely never look at this thread again.

Paths worked fine for me when I mapped for it last (I wrote that tutorial) but that doesn’t mean to say Conman or whoever has worked on the version you have (Ailia etc.) didn’t break it in the mean time.
The NPCs stand still because you haven’t placed any nodes.

Nodes are part of source.

Load up an existing official ose map and use the nodegraph debugging commands given to take a look at what it looks like.