Pathfinder: Immersive Lantern Tool

Hey guys! I have recently created this simple tool that lets you create lights, but without the ropes! You’re also able to pick them up in your hand and put them pack down! It’s simple, but I’m proud of it! Feel free to comment any suggestions you have!

Workshop Link

that reminds me playing around with small lightbulbs in electric class back in the day.

I have three suggestions from important to least important:

  1. The viewmodel is obstructing the crosshair, which is always a bit off putting. The crosshair should always represent what the player is looking at.
  2. You should either use a reskinned version or add glow sprites, because it doesn’t look as immersive with it turned on but the fluorescent is still off.
  3. You should make an option to add shadows, it will double the immersion. (Least important)

I made a lantern once…

It used a large flashlight decal.

This is much better, needless to say.