Patients Slowly Walking Towards Girl

I tried to make the fog like it was in front of the girl/behind the things.

Also, the outline around the patient things are supposed to be them moving fast, like, twitching their bodies.

Dunno if that worked. I know it’s dark. .-.


Cool editing

It’s a little unsharp, besides that it’s awesome cool.
And the twitching effect worked very well.

I wanted it to be somewhat like a movie, and where she was walking backwards. So kind of like a shakycam, but a picture? Iunno lol.

It’s… blurry. I can’t really make anything out. I’m guessing that was the effect you were aiming for.

It was, here is the original.

I like the image.

And that recording of “hell” is scary o_o

They want to give her a hug!

But they have no arms :smug: