Patrol helicopter preference.

I think during this state that the patrol helicopter would be weird, especially when they are including rocket pods on it. I would prefer to at least not have any weapons attached to it, but instead the players can shoot.

We don’t even know exactly what it’s gonna do yet, it’s not player controlled.

it will be in the future

Well, I cant find it right now but we had a thread where Helk actually answered 3 or 4 questions about it and he said it’s not player controlled, and you might have to run from it, and then he said that he had already said too much and changed the subject…

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OK i found it and i guess he does say “yet” but it doesn’t really sound to me like we’d have access to it anytime soon, so for now anyways it’s gonna be a npc thing like the plane only raining death instead of presents… I guess… anyways long thread but Helk starts in on the convo probably half way in.