Patrol Helicopter?

Any speculations on what this will be used for? What do you guys think?

It better not have NPC’s or a whole bunch of people will whine about how the only way to truly be immersed in the game and have good emergent gameplay with hardcore realism is to have PvP. Did I miss any buzzwords? Besided reminding everyone that the game is only alpha.

Probably something like i posted a while back.

Made in unity also.

You did a great job designing it, but I hope this isn’t the case

How to make this!
Download Unity 3D

Download OneManArmy3D FPS Kit

Congrats! You have now achieved what this guy did, now go be proud of your downloading skills!

He never said he made it, just that he posted it.

Those sound effects… they’re terrible!

How come no one was driving? >.>

Yea sure and add jet’s and rpg-s and an airstrike option would be cool.

Maybe its like a spotlight at night?

Perhaps it clears out areas full of zombies from above? That would mean players could swoop in and grab the loot the zombies leave. But perhaps there is a chance you could be mistaken by a zombie and get gunned down?

My idea doesn’t seem very likely, but it’s all I can think of. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yeeeah, we need kill streaks too. 25 kills and you get a nuke. Everyone on the map dies.

(Sarcasm) Do I need to make it clear?

My guess would be another type of drop. I can’t see how a heli could be put in game solely for combat, since it would be overpowered as all hell, nothing could touch it.

I guess it will be a helicopter that patrols some area

Maybe just for transportation? There could be maybe 2-3 in the map, and clans\factions could continuously fight over them, build helipads on their bases with walled protection, etc.

I think there needs to be more things like that that the bigger clans can fight over to take some pressure off the smaller groups and lone wolves.

I would be okay with that, assuming it is solely for transportation. No reason to make clans even more powerful with a heli.

Like most games with vehicles, if you can drive them there’s going to be people who take them and kamikaze into other players or bases.

Trello has been updated, the model dev working on it said something about improving the ‘player view’ so it would seem it will be something that can be ridden in.

Some of the ‘best practices’ for base building going to have to be rethought if you can drop folks down from up above.

Chopper gunner

you’re going to need to bring coal to power it

why would you need coal? What is it a steam powered chopper?