Patrol Helicopter

I think its a stupid idea. We are already not satisfied with the power jump that the higher level guns bring. Or the power balance of the game.

I dont understand teh reasoning behind the ability to build an entire helicopter and fly it around an island ur stranded on… I hate this idea and if the games moves in this path of development ill probably retire to a new game. I wanted a survival game. Not 1 hour of survival then battlefield 3

It’s not going to be buildable, search before posting.

and untill we find more about it we may not be able to fly it

actually i would like to know what it does , does it randomly go around ruining peoples days? that might be funny in an ironic sort of way.

What would be cool if we could build wings out of skin so we can glide from hills down.

Sounds like a good way to die.

Someone link me to the thread that talks about the helicopter im far too lazy to look… but I like the idea of a helicopter as long as it doesn’t have machine guns attached to it. Also don’t think I want the ability for the passenger to shoot out of it, because then I could see a problem. But if you kamikaze someone that’s funny and cool.

Link here with Helk talking about it some (post #30) LINK

Trello link one Patrol Helicopter and link two patrol helicopter weapons

What we know:
Helicopter will have M249 SAW as the door gun and rocket pods
Helk said “No players will be flying it (…yet)” and “It will however under some situations have the ability to engage structures.”

The way it looks is that if fired at the helicopter will return fire. We don’t know what it will be doing or what will cause this “event” to even happen.
Some think it will be a new supply drop or it could turn into a “summon” event (pop smoke and bring down the hurt).
Still to early and its still being low keyed so we will have to see.

I think it could be good if the helicopter dropped some loot if you crash it by shooting. Maybe if you needed to break your way into the debris with a pickaxe/hatchet after crashing it that would add some challenge as attacking an helicopter can be quite loud and attract attention, which will bring loot-thirsty players about.

Hmmm good info I guess poping smoke and getting assistance from it would be cool but I hope they use this time making it to also make a transportation version. I mean it can be shot down with like 30 m4 bullets, not a big deal