Patrol node mod

An addon for NPC’s, the play will make way point nodes, and NPC’s can be assigned to this node, or “Way point”, the NPC will follow all the way points, and after he reaches his final waypoint, he will return to the first one, and continue to repeat the same pattern, until killed, or anything else that may happen along the way.

addon should have walk mode for the way point and options to choose how long to stop on a way point, before continuing to proceed to the next way point, NPC should still take cover when attacked while patrolling the way points, etc.

is this possible?

As i remember Student Loon created a gunship that followed Patrol Nodes using a track based tool gun that would spawn the way points, so far only he is the one who managed to pull that off.

Im working on something that may apply, let me get it fixed up and ill post a vid.

I hope it works with most types of npcs the only thing never accomplished with this was nodded CP helicopters.

Agreed to all of this, I am very interested Awat has in store.

Been talking to Awat,he is working on this and something even cooler.

Yes any NPC able to be nodded to move around just requires some good code.

Honestly I don’t know anything about this Lua stuff, but it does sound like alot of hard work, indeed.

Crysismaster, you make this sound like only a really professional lua coder can do it?

I used a couple of hours, and I made something like this. If you watch the Shelf Life machinima, they use my stool to make the npc’s walk around and stuff. So really, stop making it sound harder than it is.

Oh, and to your “Only he has managed to pull this one of”, I managed to aswell. :slight_smile:

I dont think it requires a professional lua coder to do this.
I’m just working on something similar but entirely different.

let’s try and stay on topic, this sounds interesting capsup, so the npc’s just follow spawn stools?

Yeah but it was not uploaded was it? So don’t go getting all fussy,it requires moderate lua skill level to pull something like this off and yes only one person has actually pulled it off and made it known.
I didn’t say no one else didn’t do it, but he was the only one who made it known around

lol, so it’s considered quite difficult?

I would guess :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmm, this requires someone with much e-peen.

I have a tiny asian E-penis lol jk jk

lol, how long until you think he’ll be done with this addon, and can we have some details please?

All i know is he is working on it and it wont be more than 3 weeks.

Wait. Whos making what now?

We thought you were making this Blondie lol i was guesstimating less than 3 weeks.

I am working on something similar but entirely different. It will not be applicable to this.
I am not going to work on any additional projects until i reach V1 of my current project.
There are many requests out there that have caught my eye. I have not decided what ones i will undertake.