Patroling Soldier runs into a mutated spider ... and is shocked.

Poseing: Me.
Editing: ME!! :smiley:

Let me say this now, I know his left hand is fucked up, I know there is cliping and I know the shot is too bright.

I lold
much better posing and angle :smiley:


I’ve seen better from you.


Hahahahaha, thats awesome :smiley:

Good camera angle. Fingerposing really needs some work.

The camera angle is good, but the background still seems a little empty. I lol’d at the guy’s facial expression.

Posing is good, but I don’t really like the editing.

The spider is pretty cute

No just no,Fear don’t put shitty eyes.Also I think This is one of youre better works But leave the cartoony to TF2 Also Using gimp Because Paint sucks,Put Red veins on the corners of the eyes,It will be epic.


Remindes me of that episode of Monster Hunters on the History Channel where they were hunting for huge spiders and had heard reports of monster spiders. :lol:

Don’t think I saw that one.

It was in Season 2, I think.

I hate the editing.