Patrolling The Area [Effects Test]

I haven’t started GMod for quite a while. After the Soldier\Demo Update to be precise. But yesterday I saw 3 very nice compilation threads (Vman, Chesty, Joazzz) which inspired me to boot up GMod again. And blah blah blah… long story about tutorials and such.

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This is a test on prop placement, lights, shading, blur, smoke and texture.

Please, point out what I did wrong or not very well. (Constructive Critism)


you’ve captured a nice ambience, looks good.

The steam rising from the reactors look crazy

Isolate before Dodge and burn

smoke looks pasted on, doesn’t match the picture (color) and a little too sharp
but like GoldenBullet said, nice ambiance added to the picture

=P i love the Ravenholm sign, looks pretty good, i agree with what the other guys said

I DID isolate before dodging and burning. I can upload a picture of the PSD file for you to see. Also, I’m not very good with smoke and I rushed it in the end. The sky would be really empty otherwise.

But thanks for the critism.

P.S. How about the texture applied to the bot?