Pat's Test Server???

Dont you all just want to go in and look for like a second and see what he is doing… i want to but it says “DONT JOIN” so i dont want to risk having anything happen like a ban or something lol.

so tempting

I went in there and pat gave me super duper admin powers!!!11 :DDDD

So in other words, you get banned XD

That screenshot of the uber hatchet was in pat’s server.

Wait so you dont get banned if you connect?

I accidentally connected when I just clicked the bottom listed server that I assumed was the PvE server. I connected, nothing was really, there, and disconnected. I wasn’t banned.


Went in the server…got to experience cars literally for the first time.

if that picture is not popping up.


I joined also just now 11:19 PM Easter time US & CANADA i got into a car and it dident bring me with it. It just starts rolling away from my screen. also i saw bases so i raided one lol.

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I just saw the pic i got in that one atleast 5 times and it dident drive :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You all know that the vehicle control set are unbound by default?
In order to drive the car you must bind the keys first.

RIP Pat’s Test Server. You were good while you lasted