Paul Bradley Salvagedtools

Ok so a couple of day ago i noticed a new name on trello

first off Welcome to Paul Bradley (new facepunch team member)

but his art work is interesting love these tools
the middle one i like most looks like its made using a brake disk from a car.

can’t wait to see what else he brings

Good god those are sexy.

Love it

Welcome paul :zoid:

now that’s some fine looking concept art.

They almost look like the artworks in the WH40k pen & paper rulebooks. I love them!
Welcome Paul! Your style is really nice! I had a similar style when I was drawing back then. :slight_smile:

Really, really nice!

Agreed, love the makeshift yet refined look. Welcome to Paul Bradley!

They look pretty neat. He used a Rotor for the middle blade.

Rotor never heard it called that, in the uk we call them disk brakes, the only thing that could make it cooler was to use a motorbike disk, there are some evil looking ones out there.

These look good, a bit too “machiney” for me but I do like the idea behind the salvage aesthetic.

Reminds me of Krieg’s Buzz Axe:

(Borderlands 2)

rotor is U.S. terminology for disc brake i believe

We call them disc brakes, too, just that specific part (the metal disk that the brake pads push against) is called the rotor.

in england we call the disc a disc (thanks for the correct spelling), i worked as a black cab mechanic (diesel fitter) and at fiat as a gearbox specialist, when i left school altho that was 24 years ago.

Back to the subject pauls artwork reminds me of some of the 2000AD artwork like mean machine,

I don’t think they are to advanced for rust think these might be 3rd level items, level 1 being wood 2 being stone, 3 metal,

I think they will work in rust if you take some of the new apparel into account.

here is some more of paul’s work

love the Piss off barrels.

from here

paul seems to be on the same page as the rest of the team,

here another one of his concepts.

link here

lamps today
think this guy is really trying to impress the new boss. lol


really like these, and NOT TO MINECRAFTY (so garry should like them) :smiley:

The oil lamps are fucking fantastic. Pardon my french. No. You know what? Don’t pardon my french. They’re fucking fantastic.

I see you lurking paul welcome

Hey man, glad you like my stuff! :slight_smile: