Paul Bradleys AK47's

So Paul has made some really nice concepts for AK47.

in Rust Art trello:

I think they look like what all weapons should look like in rust. :dance:

already in another thread, but i agree paul’s work is bang on the money imo.

oh no not the paki tape.

This dude is really talented.

It doesn’t make sense to me personally, if you are able to have a perfectly machined gun barrel, trigger, magazine etc for the gun, then why is it held together using bandages? I don’t like the idea of forcefully making objects more “rustic” just for the sake of it.

I’m not saying the images don’t look good, Just that everyone seems to have this “realism” mindset, when really there is still none to it.

I like the top AK47 better, because the butt / stock is a shovel.

That’s fuckin’ awesome.

The bandages aren’t there to hold the AK together, they are there so the users hand is cushioned when holding the weapon, aswell as looking awesome

When the world goes to shit, metal stuff is the last to decompose.

I feel like they are designed to be a little too shitty and too unique. It would look bad (in my opinion) if every single AK in the game had a shovel handle with the exact same wear on it with rough tape exactly the same as well. I guess it can be compared to next car game in a way, where every single car has the exact same cracks and holes in the glass in the exact same places, it detracts from the game in my opinion.

The Top-AK47 seems to be a tribute to Boris from NorthEastShooters:


You have a point, but I still can’t agree with you.

First, there will be plenty more guns than just the ak47, so you shouldn’t be able to see 10 players with same kind of gun in one place, so that isn’t a problem.

And what comes to the rusty style of these ak47’s, I’m pretty sure that most of the rust players like these much more than the perfectly shine weapons with no scratch.

I like the bottom one better, don’t know why it appeals to me and not everybody else.

So I’m not a huge fan of functionally modern guns (especially not automatic ones) in Rust and yet these AK concepts are making me reconsider my position.

Paul make some semi automatic/ bolt weapons pls!
Less Spraying more Aiming!

kinda reminds me of the gun in nether. but this looks allot better.

Not sure why these kids are spamming “dumb”.

Did you even take a minute to look at the 2nd picture? 2/3 bandages are placed at spots you wouldn’t ever hold the gun at…

As I mentioned in a previous thread functioning automatics are quite rare and converting existing semis into autos is extremely dangerous without the proper tools and knowledge.

Semi auto rifles on the ak/ar platform are quite common. If they are rebuilding these guns into functioning order then there should be significantly more semi automatic modernish guns then fully automatic if they want a more accurate representation.

However we also have to keep in mind that this is Garry’s game at the end of the day. There might be more automatic weapons to come if that’s the type of game play the team is gunning for.

But we’re pretty sure he’s aiming for less guns altogether in general :3

I think less automatic weapons would be a good thing. Especially being able to make military grade weapons from scratch the same day you show up on an island naked.

But guns are metal and would survive a long time. Perhaps gun components as rare loot only, no creating them. Barrel, receiver, grip, magazine, bolt, trigger, etc. That way there would be far less of them and people would have to trade to assemble a working firearm. Ammo being less common would be the best way to limit extreme gun play in Rust. If having a full magazine of 30 rounds was very hard to come by I think people would save them for raiding or specific tasks. Not being able to create military grade weapons and ammo would also force people to get creative when hunting others and perhaps rely more on melee weapons and skill.

Personally I like the single shot homemade weapons at present. The battles would be far more fun and eratic if you only got a single shot, jams happened, maybe 5% of the time the gun blows in your face. Only headshots would get you that instant kill. I think a more random PVP would be far more entertaining than groups all wearing kevlar suits and carrying m4’s ever will be.