Pause Point Tutorials: Episode 1 - The Incredibly Simple Flying Machine

Hey All,

I’ve decided I’m going to get back into making some tutorials, I had some up a year and a day ago (figuratively) about how to make some things in wire that have since been deleted, so I figured I’d start off from scratch.

The PLAN is to start making pause point tutorials, the “pause point” being that every so often during the video, there’s a distinct pause point after a series of steps/complicated step so that you can pause the video, go back ingame, build what you’ve seen so far, and then go back to watching the tutorial. All the tutorials will start off with a short demo of the device, and all the tutorials will be less than five minutes long.

No annotations, no being forced to my idea of good music, no cheap title for the first 30 seconds, just a step-by-step narrated tutorial.

Since this is my first video (let alone my first post in a long, long time), feedback is greatly appreciated. I do know I talked a little fast, and I will fix this in my next video.

I plan on doing about one of these a week, and I will take requests. Just feel free to ask.

Bump. Bueller?