Pause while waiting on content?

Maybe it’s just me… I’ve been lucky!!! But having been this lucky kinda make me bored in the game atm. Don’t get me wrong, it’s an amazing game … but at this stage, I feel I’ve done everything I can do!!
In examples:
This will sound to easy or cheating … BUT … I am on a very low pop server ( 15-20 ppl ), where ppl are genuine nice, and there’s no KoS! PvP is kinda only on defending or trying to grab the airdrops! SO…

For 2 solid weeks I’ve been grinding materials, with an few trips to radtown to have a change of scenery!
With this done, I have:
Build a metal base, 4 floors high… I have made the base a maze with 50 doors ( have mats for another 15 doors tho )
I have filled 10 Large Storage boxes with 4 set of each Leather, Rad Suit and Kevlar armor. I got atleast 4-8 guns of each type. all attachments … (using Holo, laser and flashlight on all, Silencer on only a few )!
I’ve been lucky on airdrops on an early stage, so get my hands on metal wares and explosives … so … after running radtown in between grinding mats, I got all blueprints ( I think ), 20ish Research kits, and with this learned all armor, guns and metal parts…

I don’t raid!! There is no point for me personally to raid … I have all I can have… I have more Large Wood Storage to set up if wanted… but I can’t see why!

My 4 camp fire is making my food… my 10 Furnaces are burning all the day making my mats for gunpowder, metal parts, weapons and armor…

I feel that I have accomplished all there is in the game atm … and the only reason to log in now, is to make sure I reset teh decay process! I made 4 C4 to rebuild a bit on my base … to expand a bit making my maze complete :smiley:

Please don’t get this thread wrong… I love the game, but since I am on a low pop, things became a bit to easy, and I outplayed the content to fast!! ( Should never played so long every day :smiley: )

Any suggestions on what to do now, while waiting on more to do?

Yes …I have started on another server, full pvp… Took me 2 hours to have a 3x2 base, 3part kevlar and full rad ( was lucky to find someone died on zombies … arrowed 2 ombies nad got all loot from the dead player, rad and some kevlar ).
I’ve been KoS 6 times the first day, but since I got research kits I learned some of the gear, and can always keep grinding it was no biggie… but it gets boring!

Yes … I am a lone wolf!! I don’t have and clan, or friends to build with … I have friends that play … but we have chosen to build apart except on our “main” server! They also now stopped playing while waiting for more content…

Can’t wait for more to come :smiley: I became addicted to this game after about 25 minutes lol!!

Well the game is surviving against other players, so playing on a 16x16km map with 15 other people would be “easy mode” if anything.

If you want to get a taste for more, you should play on a higher pop server to be honest.

I can completely agree with you, once you have gotten all the high level items the game becomes alittle dull. I’d say just wait accouple months for them to work on it more, then it will become way more enjoyable for longer periods.

The playable map area is only less than 1/8th of the 16x16km map.

That’s what I did… as you can see, I’ve started on a new server to have something more to do…
But it’s still dwelling into the same all over again… Just because I am a lone wolf … it gets a bit same ol’ same ol’ grinding…
Raiding will not be so much for me being alone…
I still play … everyday … to many hours a day lol …
Time to try something new in the game?? Learning how to drop kevlar armored ppl with a bow and arrow? :smiley:

Did not realize that it was only 2km across.

Well anywhos the point is made, 15 players are too few. Its like playing resident evil with 1/10th zombie-count. Not really that hard to survive… and at the end of the day thats what rust is about.

keeps building on my 86 story house

32km2 is still kinda big… imagine looking for a needle.

From my experience the safest servers to play on are either <20 people or have 100+ on. Anything in between is only any fun immediately after a wipe. There is not enough room to support the inbetween with all of the KoS. If you go into a valley to get resources as a fresh spawn and someone spots you, they’re going to hunt you across the map in my experience. At this point, the only fun I get on the inbetween maps is going into a valley, getting someone to chase me, and taking them to a place that I know there are more bandits so that the chaser is killed as well. Other than that, I’ve pretty much played the same 1-2 hours of Rust over and over again.

The trick is abusing zombies. Just build your house close to zombies and youll be rocking full metal houses in notime. Also, ammo is never an issue, neither is leatherarmor, patterns and pickaxes :).

We switched to metal yesterday, and since wood is almost a waste now we just built a tower, and kept going.

Its pretty funny to play atm, but yes we can craft almost everything ingame. First time Ive “not” been raided. Yesterday they tried, blew 1 wall and 1 door which costs 13 C4s, we had put storage in every room to ward off noclippers (spread the loot etc) so they were rewarded by 3 bottles of water.