pay to win

hi I had a few questions about rust like if u want to have a rpg in one server and u have the bp will the bp appear on the next server you go on? and i think it is a great idea for the community trading things but i have concerns about hats and things i think it may turn into a tf2 “hat fortress 2” and i really don’t want that to happen to rust. am i the only feeling this way? also i think that things may get a little out of hand if the economy becomes a bot economy i would take things nice and slow on that.

Could you actually read the devblog first?

but do they ever eventually plan to move from cosmetic to balance-changing steam items?

Jesus Christ people, read.

Anyone that thinks Rust will become a pay to win game hasn’t been paying attention. And is also a moron. With a small dick.

Shortcut No Pay 2 Win its Pay 2 Fabulous

Pay 2 content. But at least you can make a little money of your own using the system.

yup made .50 afk crafting gun powder.

Its just a rubbish idea in general. Get stuff and then take it to a new server ;/

Can’t do that, just a skin for an existing bp, not the actual object.
If you have a skin for a bp you haven’t researched on a new server, you will have to research it first before you can make it.

Then why can new players craft the jackets hat normally require a BP? Garry even stated on Reddit that you can craft the item without finding it in game. So get vagabond skin, you can craft it even if you don’t have the base BP. That jacket has armor values, so paying money already gives you an advantage. That kinda makes it buying a BP, and not just buying a skin.

Pretty sure the bone and wood armor performs far better than the jacket and they are default if I remember right.

I must admit, I was a bit confused by the dev blog as it seems to contradict rustafied. In rustafied, he said the global steam items are skins and you need the core default bp on that server before you can craft any of the skin items. Garry (from what I can gather) seems to be taking the approach that the longer you’re playing rust, you’re gifted with a random bp. Both make sense I guess, it would beat barrel farming!

Well if that is the case, I no longer feel Rust is the game for me. Sux, but I just can’t justify playing as long as this is the case. Hopefully it changes to being only skins, otherwise, oh wells I guess.

Even if the “buying” was removed, the fact that I can’t go to a new server/ fresh wiped server and start over without it potentially being immediately flooded with higher tech bps is really disappointing.

Nah, vagabond jacket is definitely higher tier than the wood or bone chest armor. Those 2 are pretty trash; the leg armors are good however.

So now I can just buy several pieces of clothing and jackets with real money on Steam, and I never have to worry about finding those BPs. I can start any server faster. So: pay to avoid grind.

I would pay cash to make my character look like Jules from Pulp Fiction: hair, outfit, color, the works! I played Battlefield Heroes for a few years, and I spent at least $50 changing my appearance. There’s money to be made here!

The bps you find over time are not their own bps. They’re different variants of the base bp in the game. So for example a green tshirt bp will let you make the G tshirt if you have it in your inventory.

No zipper, they are standalone BPs. If you get a Garry’s mod shirt, and you don’t have the green Tshirt studied, you can still make the Garry’s shirt. Same goes for jackets. Even the latest Rustafied post confirms this. Check it out at