I recently was on Prime Roleplay or PrimeServers they have a donation perk of being able to create their on job. Sounds good right but ts a starting price of £30 and can go up to £60 with extras. These jobs are not RESTRICTED ONE BIT. they have donators flying around the place and become invisible. I dont play on that server anymore because when I raid their is an invisible teli tubby waiting on me with a double barrel shotgun that he spawns with. I do not recommend playing on their servers as they are pay to win. After making a forum post about them and this and after it got alot of support it got locked by a mod (You can buy mod for £20)

Pay-to-win server should not be allowed do something like Minecraft with the Eula, yes many server may die out but they can sell no-ads and custom tags and such.
would be happy what you think

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What am i meant to do

I got banned before even joining, rip

_________________You are banned_________________
		Admin: Crimson(STEAM_0:0:52137416)

		Reason: Community banned

		Time of ban: 04/08/16 11:51

		Time left: Forever

I wasn’t even playing back then, cause that’s when I won my dlores. funny

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“what am I meant to do”

… not play there?

i’d imagine, like most bad darkrp servers, you have to grind to be able to do anything interesting. if i were him and this was the situation i wouldn’t be very happy

“get off my server you fucking Communist”

it’s pretty obvious.

Buddy, I have some fantastic news for you

I hate that community the staff bans people that they call ‘squeakers’.
They may be young but that doesn’t mean they can’t rp.

Eh, maybe not banning, but gagging is definitely justified.
Although if you have a server that’s already doing well, and has a decent amount of regular players, it can be smart to ban those people (They tend to break rules one way or another)

No no no, you need to teleport them above a very public place and jail them, every time they join the server. At least that’s what everyone should do to proper mingebags instead of perming them.

Its not so much as they tend to break the rules as it is that they tend to not understand the rules.

Then again, we literally have servers with over 50 rules, each being a paragraph long.

Most gamemodes can be played fine with some common sense