Payday 2 Hockey Mask

A lil’ request.
As far as i know, masks from Payday 2 can be ripped well.
What i’m asking about - Hockey masks (just like in The Heat film), and here’s pic of 'em.

Better if it will be 3dsMax model (3ds or obj - doesn’t matter), than for Source.
Thanks in advance. :v:

There’s also Waingro’s mask which is the default Hockey Mask.

I already have the model in my Dropbox, (since I’m remaking Payday 2 in Gmod), and I have the 3ds Max files to go with it. The textures are included in there as well.

Here it is

And some screenshots


Better if you will convert it to OBJ or 3DS or even FBX - mine 3DSMax don’t wanna open this. :v:

You can’t open the .max file in 3ds max? It was saved within the program. I don’t have it on this computer so I can’t convert it right now, but it should open fine.

I’m using p old 3DSMax 9. And error is “unknown class, no stand-in”. This probably means you have newer version than me.