Payday 2 Model Questions

I have couple of questions about Payday 2 models, if anyone happens to know

BG Info: I used Bundle Modder to first extract all the files and then used Diesel Model Tool to turn .model into .obj so I can load the files in Maya. Questions are:

1st. Is there a way to get bones with the models? Right now all pieces are at 0,0,0 with no bones, so atm need to align everything manually which takes a lot of time
2nd. How would I go with extracting textures properly? Bundle Modder exported them as .texture files and need to know how to turn them into usable format like .tga for example
3rd. Is there only Diffuse/Normal/Reflection Maps in Payday 2? Looking at texture files, there is _df, _df_cc and _nm and from what I have heard, _df has Reflection stuff in Alphachannel

Any help is appreciated!

The latest bundle modder tool(s) should have an option to auto-fix file extensions upon extract. .texture is just a renamed .dds, for instance.

There’s no way to get rigging info from models, this data is lost in the process of converting models. Once you figure out the rig, though, all players/NPC’s use the same exact rig.

And yes, sort of. I think there are other material types, though I haven’t personally looked too much into past the basics.

Aaaah, I tried renaming texture files before, but didn’t try .dds. Works perfectly and seems like Alpha is indeed Gloss or something similar. Shame rig info can’t be gotten with the tool, but good thing aligning is still viable option. Thanks a lot, this should help me get this stuff working!