Payday 2 Model

Can somone rip this model(and possibly rig it) from Payday 2 for use in GMOD as a player model??

The cloaker is by far one of the most popular characters and I really need it for GMOD.

I thought it was removed. Did they finally bring it back? If so then you can just NinjaRipper.

yea, I ripped him and ported him to gmod. wasn’t done. but ill try again if someone can rip him for me:D

They brought him back. In the current update he was added to the game along with the Gage Weapon Pack

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Yeah I might. I do not have 3ds Max though so I cannot make him an .mdl file for use in GMOD.

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I will rip it if someone can rig it and convert it to an .mdl and add all of the materials and SUCH.

Yea, of course, the model is hard to rig. sense its not in T-Pose Like pose :stuck_out_tongue:

So I found the textures of it. I used Ninja Ripper and DDS Viewer to spot one. What do I need to do though? Get the textures or rip everything in frames?

My friend made a script to spawn it. Don’t have it anymore. I had Payday. he gave me the Script for the game we were making.

I sent a pm to you. I spawned a cloaker in the safehouse. I ripped the files. One texture is the one for the cloaker

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Alright well then. I ripped the textures and model. Here they are.

Model shall be done Soon! (Pain to rig :/)

Lol I bet. I found that model quick as shit


Is anyone interested in getting the swat or FBI model?

Wait, what do you mean? Because if you extract the mesh from the .model files it’s all bent over in a jumping position.

That’s what I ment… Also, Extract it from .model?

Yup. You can import Payday 2 .model files into Blender with this plugin. And .texture files are just renamed .dds files.

Although it’s pretty much useless since it doesn’t support UVs even though it says it does.

Does it support bones?

Nope. Like I said, pretty useless.

I tried to ask some fellows on Xentax about it, but none of them were interested. Just use Ninja Ripper.

EDIT: You saw the thread Crao, there was like nobody there.

Yea. Maybe.

Hell yes.

Me too , lol yea so the Gam3r who ripped that guy at the top, im sure you can work something out, right?