PayDay 2: Ultimate Edition - Help with models extraction

I just installed have PayDay 2: Ultimate Edition, because I’m interested to the weapon models (just models, non textures). Now, last night before go to sleep, I tried some weapon model extraction using Diesel Model Tool: after selected the model, I’ve extracted in .obj format and managed it with C4D, and woah! Very easy and very good.

Then, since I saved the output models in a casual folder I have deleted everything because I did not want to have mess on my folders, and went to sleep, but today, when I tried to do this with order, after saving each extracted file to the respective folder I noticed that the output file, now, isn’t an .obj anymore! Why? What could be happened? I tried to looking for some setting, but I don’t find nothing.

Then, I have two other questions:

  • did someone already extract all the weapon models and wants share them with me?

  • can someone tell me in which PayDay 2 Assets folder I can find other weapons? Because there’s 6.576 files inside this folder, and I don’t want made me crazy finding them.

So, someone can or want help me? (sorry for my terrible english)

I might be able to help you later, add me on my Steam.

Leave a comment on my profile first please.

Unfortunately, I can’t add you. Maybe we talk here with private messages?