Payday 2

Hello, friendly modelers!

I was wondering if any amongst you would be willing to convert player models, and other misc models, from Payday 2 to be used in Garrysmod 13.

Someone has made the Payday: The Heist models of the players around 2 years ago, so someone has to know how to convert them. The game uses the same .bundle which can be ‘unbundled’ using the same japanese-made tool that worked for Payday: The Heist, as I have already tested. The issue then comes in working with the textures and models and getting them in a usable format for Max/Blender. If anyone could help with even just this part, I would be more than willing to compile in blender. The files PD2 seems to use for models (I believe) are .mb and I have no idea what that is, other than PD2 using the latest version of Overkill’s Diesel Engine 2.0. Other than the .mb, everything else seems to be the same so it shouldn’t be too difficult for an expert to figure out what needs to be done and possibly reveal the process here.

If anyone has experience with this and wants to take this up, compensation may be discussed as this can be a decently large undertaking. There is a lot of useful content that I would like to see ported over, especially the playermodels and giving them bodygroups for the various suit/armors they have.

Thanks in advance to any positive contribution.

ive ripped almost all models from PayDay 2. except for some characters. and weapons. and a few cops. but got all arms. but its gonna have to wait. (My other computer fried)

Terribly sorry to hear that. I hope to hear back from your in the future.

On a side note, I wonder if the maps are made as models as well, or what sort of format they fall into. If anyone has any idea I’d be interested to know.

If any cop models will be available… Ninja will port them :v: I couldn’t, dunno how

I feel I should mention that Ninja Ripper won’t rip the bumpmaps properly in Payday 2, it only rips one channel. TexMod can get them I believe.

I can’t wait to see your finished project, good work!

Sorry, if I might need to redo it. (I’m gonna have to reinstall PayDay 2 Propably :/)

Allright, we need to wait 1 more day. my parents think they know whats wrong with the computer. so tomorrow we get something to fix the other computer.

Isaa would you be willing to export the arms as .smd files so I can rig them in blender it would be much appreciated.
The reason i would love a .smd file is it will keep the rig unlike .obj and .3ds file formats.

I doubt they are rigged so it doesn’t really matter

Are the new masks included?

You never know they ussualy are but if not i would still love the models.

Any updates?

but how ? did you use Ninja Ripper ? ? ?

I Used Ninja Ripper for Characters. and somehow I got DX Ripper to work, so I used it to rip weapons.

-Snip, apparently not useful-

Payday 2 Hands FiNaL [2013]

That was an incredibly obnoxious video, but it’s good to see it’s all rigged

There were multiple times in 2011 or 2012 where a lot of facepunchers faked having models, They never really did though, and with no pictures of proof, I don’t really know what to believe

Hey if you realese can you export as smds?