Payday porting

Can someone port the following masks (Pumpkin king, The skull) to gmod as a prop?
Pumpkin king mask:
The Skull mask:

Fast Q&A :
Q: I’m done, what now?
A: Add me one steam : danmarkoliver
Q: Do i get money for this?
A: No?
Q: Why do they need to be props?
A: Well i’m going to add then to the pointshop
Q: How?
A: Wait and see :wink:

Didn’t you technically already make this thread just yesterday?

Whatcha talkin about Katra? xD

love the FAQ its quicker than playing fifty questions.

‘Dumb x 1’ Okay… Why is it dumb to ask someone to port payday 2 masks into props in gmod? I’m going to make a customgame mode about payday 2!:zoid: Jesus…

Probably because of the way you asked. Also, you missed the “model request thread”, which should be right near the top of this forum section.

people are like that, don’t get so defensive just focus at whats at hand and ignore all the ratings

‘Whatever you say’

Not going to bother quoting since the site isn’t wanting to let me quote for whatever reason atm. What I’m talking about is the fact that you just made a request thread for both of those masks from Payday 2 yesterday, which I linked to in my previous post. You don’t need to re-make your request; simply wait a few days to a week for a response, and then bump your thread if necessary.

As for your post being rated dumb, I can say two things about that:

  1. It was probably rated dumb because of the fact that you pretty much re-posted the same request just a day later. Posting it more than once won’t help it get done any faster; it will actually do the opposite. Just be patient, and consider looking up how to get the content on your own while waiting for a response. If you happen to find out how and manage to succeed in getting the content you’re looking for, than kudos; if not, nothing wrong with being patient.

  2. It’s just a little image, don’t let it get to you. It’s not really worth getting upset about or mentioning, so just ignore it.

Your use of emoticons such as ‘xD’ are surprisingly infuriating.

Guess he rustled your jimmys
eheueueh kill me

so theres that…

Those aren’t what he’s looking for, dude.

Well i got banned so it was maybe resetted`?

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I’m looking for the (Skull mask,Pumpkin king mask) Since they are my favs.

Fixed the quoting problem on my end. Chrome derped.

Bans don’t reset your threads, to my knowledge; once they are submitted, they will pretty much remain until an admin or moderator moves or deletes it.

Thanks. I just signed up for the facepunch forums :slight_smile: