Payday The Heist models?

So these robber models look pretty fucking awesome, and can make up a nice Dark Knight-esque machinima for Gmod


It’s not even out, so no models from the game yet.

It’s not even out, fuck, I’m still waiting.

Game released, anyone wants to port now? C:

Did you misspell “Dark Knight” as “Dark Night”?


Infact I did misspell it :V

ooh :*

Support for S.W.A.T.

Bump, I need this so bad n stuff.

Support for SWAT and Police Officers.

Ripping from the Diesel engine is possible since Predaaator ported Mitchell from Tom Clancy’s GRAW.


'Specially if that model from the nexus is ported.

Anyday now…

GRAW wasn’t on the Diesel engine, GRAW 2 was.

Not possible unless we can find a way to port from Diesel engine games, unfortunately.

Strange, Wikipedia says otherwise the PC version of both GRAWs are running on Diesel Engine, then again Wikipedia is one of the most unreliable sources on the internet.

GRAW may have been on the Diesel engine, then again, but the Mitchell that Predaaator ported was a sample model for modders

can’t get anything out of Diesel otherwise

you know what funny?

Badass Movie
Badass Song