Payday The Heist: Police Officers, Swat etc.

So recently the Main characters from PTH Have been ported, and there cool and all, but I noticed that some of the Police Guys look really awesome, Such as the Bulldozer (Bomb Squad looking fellow), the Tazer, And just the General Looking Swat Guys (There’s also a more heavily equipped variant with like more armour and a radio pack looking thing, theres also one with like a gasmask), Also the FBI Guys would be pretty useful.

Puuuuuurdy Pictures



And I currently can’t find any pictures of just the general SWAT guys… so those will have to do… sorry

Well, if the main characters could be ported, I would assume these guys could. I support.

Support for Gasmask “Splinter Cell”, these guys, and FBI.

The main characters were ripped, not ported.
Even so I only ripped the heads and hands and used an already ported body from Kane and Lynch. Why?
Because 3D ripper is a pain in the ass to use.

Bump. Would be great to remove the FBI/SWAT exposed heads and replace them with citizen heads.

I second this, someone should try ripping/porting them.